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Cellular Pranic Healing

Cellular Pranic Healing

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Cellular Pranic Healing offers an unparalleled form of healing, reaching down to the cellular core. No matter what emotional wounds you carry, this kind of healing can be the answer - breaking down the stress, self-sabotage, shame, guilt, anger, fear, lack of self-esteem and more! And once these negative emotions are sent away, you can expect a real transformation. Health can be improved, nagging aches can vanish, relationships get a boost, and abundance and prosperity could come your way too. On top of that, each session will also focus on the different bodily systems and organs - from the digestive to the lymphatic, reproductive, endocrine, respiratory, skeletal, muscular and urinary systems, as well as the brain, heart, eyes, lungs, liver, stomach and pancreas. All sessions are led by Shreya. Don't miss out - start healing today!

We'll work together to schedule a convenient date and time for your session. You have the option of meeting in person or virtually.

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Once I book a session, how will I get in touch?

Once you book the session, I will WhatsApp you within 4-5 hours. If you have booked a session and choose a date & time for the session, you would have been provided with all details on your email.

How should international clients pay?

In the case that you are not based in India, you can opt for payments by clicking on wallets and selecting PayPal. This straightforward approach will allow you to effortlessly complete your transaction.

Where are the In Person sessions located?

Boat Club Road, RA Puram, Chennai