Guidance for June

Guidance is all about learning to communicate with your soul and discovering and manifesting your purpose. Rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge, rather than your intelligence or conscious mind. Be attentive to your Dreams. This is a time for good opportunities coming your way.

Remember that you can ask Lord Ganesha for anything that you want. A pleasant surprise is on the way to you. Be prepared.

Best Sellers

Shreya Gupta

Shreya is someone who lives to see happiness, loves watching people shine. She loves her work, loves meditating, travelling and eating really good food.Shreya began her career at the age of 17 as a Tarot & Angel card reader. With a deep interest in metaphysical science, she the started her journey in Pranic Healing. She also specialises in Coffee & Tea cup reading, Neurolinguistic Program (NLP), Life Coaching and Angel Therapy.Shreya teaches Tarot & Angel Card Reading.

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Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta loves reading, travelling, meditating and cooking food. She also loves organising things and is great at it. She loves seeing everyone happy and content. Was always interested in spirituality, got into the world of spirituality in the year of 2014! She got into Pranic Healing in 2017 because of her daughter Shreya! She is a mother of two! She always believes in giving empowerment to everyone around her and thats how her children are both such empowered human beings. She always stands for what is right. 

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Important Details

After Booking a session, How does one get in touch with you?

Once you book the session, we will get in touch with you via WhatsApp with 3 hours post booking the session.

How should International Clients pay?

If you live outside India, you can go payments, click wallets and click PayPal! That's how you would be able to make the payment.

Success Stories

Shreya is not only my healer, tarot and angel card reader (also teacher 💁🏻‍♀️) but more importantly is a friend I found through my journey. Shreya’s guidance and intuitive readings have helped me at every step of the way. Her readings are extremely detailed, eye opening and enriching. If you’re at a crossroads and are looking for guidance, then Shreya is the one for you. I cannot thank her enough for being my pillar of strength and support over the years. Here’s to many more to come!🔮💗

- Payal Bhansali 


Shreya has been a beacon of light in my life. Be it her healings, her tarot guidances, or just her lovely smile when she says a hello to you! I reached out to Shreya about 3 years ago and ever since then she's guided me for most important decisions. Now it's not just me, but also my family who absolutely trusts her healing energies that make everything right in the world :) Shreya, thank you for always being this kind, generous and warm person. 

- Mrs Dee


I came across Shreya’s Instagram page a couple of years ago and decided to go to her for a tarot session! I’m so glad I did because she’s helped and guided me in many situations where I’ve felt stuck. She Is extremely kind and patient and has been spot on about so many things. The answers I’ve gotten through tarot sessions with her have helped me and comforted me in MANY situations! I even gifted my mom a tarot session for Mother’s Day this year and she absolutely loved it. I highly recommend checking out all the services that shreya offers on her website. Her pure/ light energy is so calming ❤️ Thank you for everything, shreya 🤗

- Pavitra Krishnaswamy 


I’ve been taking tarot readings from Shreya for a while now, she has been accurate and very patient with me. She has always made me feel extremely comfortable! I recommend her to anybody interested in tarot!

- Aditi Bhansali 


Shreya is such a kind hearted and amazingly talented soul. She has helped me and my Family in more ways than possible, and I have to mention her pranic healings are absolutely magical! I loved doing emotional healings with Preeti Aunty as well, they were very effective.

- Krishmitha Sampath 


I’ve taken many services from Shreya and I’ve always been happy with the readings and healings. The readings are apt and it helps me plan for my future. I would totally recommend her.

- Komal 


Shreya's healing sessions have been so helpful and wonderful. It has brought a positive change and ever so thankful. I'd highly recommend the angel message subscription to get guidance on a daily basis. Thank you Shreya for providing an authentic and sincere service.

- Janani 

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