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Cellular Pranic Healing

Cellular Pranic Healing

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Time & Date of the session will be mutually decided.

Cellular Healing is a deeper form of healing where the healing goes on the cellular level. What do you heal on the cellular level? First, we heal the negative thoughts and emotions imbedded in our cells like stress, shame and guilt, anger, fears, lack of self-esteem or self-worth, laziness, sadness and depression, poverty thought-forms, and self-sabotaging thoughts that obstruct you from being successful in life.

I believe that these negative thoughts and negative emotions are some factors that may have affected your health. After removing the energies of negative thoughts and emotions, most often, health is improved. Nagging long-term pains could magically disappear and relationships could improve since the negative emotions are replaced with positive energies. Your prosperity and abundance could improve as well.

Second part of Cellular Healing is about healing the different bodily systems like the digestive system, reproductive system, the lymphatic system, the endocrine gland system, the respiratory system, the skeletal system, the muscular system, and the urinary system.

Some important organs will also be healed during the session like the brain, the eyes, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the intestines, the pancreas, the stomach, the uterus, and more as time permits.

Who will do the session?

It will be done by Shreya. 

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How can International Clients pay?

If you live outside India, you can go payments, click wallets and click PayPal! That's how you would be able to make the payment.