Anything is possible with the Right Friends!

Anything is possible with the Right Friends!

A lot of you have been asking me, about how The Divine Abundance started...

I started off as a Tarot & Angel Card Reader in 2014, the same year I joined college. I don't think so I would have been able to get here without the support of my college friends. I learnt Pranic healing during college, and I remember whenever any of my friends had a headache or were having a bad day and they would ask me to do healing for them or just ask me to scan something. And most of them were totally new to this, any how they supported me no matter what. After every course that I learnt they would be my guinea pigs and I would practice with them, which made me improve my skills. 

They stood by me, came for my events and were there unconditionally. Sometimes we would just meet to click pictures of my tarot cards, we would call it the Tarot Photoshoot. 

One of my college friend - Avanthika even learnt Pranic Healing which was just amazing. 

During college I used to write letters to my friends once a month with Angel Messages for them (I try and still do it now) and the minute I used to give it to them their eyes would sparkle, which used to just melt my heart. I used to look forward to the beginning of every month so I could just write these letters. 

Of course, I did face some challenges, but having my friends around me made it so much easier. So having the right friends during your struggle period in your career is very important. I feel so blessed that I have the right friends with me. 

Even now they are constantly pushing me to strive the best! I may not be in touch with some of them but I know that they wish the best for me like how I wish the best for them. 

So thats how The Divine Abundance even came into the picture!

From the bottom of my heart I would like to Thank you all! 

And the Message to all of you reading is be grateful for what you, instead of spending your time worried about what ifs. The right people come to you at the right time and help you. All you got to do is look at it and appreciate it. And also if you know a friend is struggling with their career help them out and be there for them. 

Thank you for reading! 


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