My Journey So Far

My Journey So Far

When I was in the 9th standard, I got a small Tarot reading done by my aunt, and I was mind blown! The cards were so pretty and so soothing. I asked if I could learn it and she told me yes, after you finish school you can. So in 2014 after I finished my boards I was like I need to learn it. I ordered a deck and it came, I was so excited. But I felt like I needed a teacher, so my mom said she knew a Tarot reader in Chennai, thats when I met Pankhuri, and she completely changed my life. The way she taught the tarot was just so amazing and she gave me a lot of direction. 

I practiced the Tarot everyday, to be a little bit more thorough, but I always felt something was missing. So I just googled, healing centres near my house and I came across Pranic Healing! So I just called the number and went to the Pranic Healing Centre. I felt so welcomed and calm over there, and it so happened they were having a class the next day and I just signed up! The Twin Hearts meditation that they taught me changed my life and of course the healing part of it to. I was more inclined towards the meditations they were teaching us in the classes to be honest. But as and when the days went by and I met more pranic healers, I felt more connected to healing as well. I remember my first patient (my grandmother) she was having stomach pain so I said ill try the healing and I started the healing with taking my Gurus name, and within 10 minutes my grandmother told me her pain was subsiding. That moment I feel in love with my Guru - Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. 

Tarot & Pranic Healing have changed me and my life in so many ways. Its given me the strength to handle anything! I am so much more stronger. After a few weeks I even started learning more about Angels, read books, did some online classes and started using angel cards. The comfort they give is just so amazing. 

Then in 2018, I learnt NLP (neuro linguistic program) and Life Coaching which gave me so much structure to talk to clients in a much better way. 

So now I combine everything and take sessions! I thoroughly love and enjoy what I do, it gives me so much happiness. I sometimes can't believe that I see miracles everyday! I look forward to each day! 

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