I Let Go Easily

I Let Go Easily

Its easy to say that you should just let go. Sometimes we are saying it so much that we can't hear it. When someone says it to us we tell them it is "IT'S DIFFICULT" or "I'M TRYING."

One exercise that always helped letting go of so many emotions related to so many events in my life was Affirmations. Every time I found myself overthinking or over analysing a situation I would affirm "I Let Go easily." It is my saving grace. I follow it like a Mantra.

There are certain attachments that we can't let go of, so I just use this affirmation "I LET GO EASILY." It really works. You should try it.

There was this one situation in my life a few months back, I had a fight with a very close friend of mine, and there some words that she used which hurt me. And that day I was taking a Tarot Workshop, and this happened only a few minutes before the class. So I just closed my eyes, remembered the good moments with my friend, and then I just affirmed I LET GO EASILY, did this for 15 minutes and I FELT SOOOO GOOD. The class went on so beautifully and even after the class there was no anxiety or sadness, I had come to terms with that certain people come to your life to teach you things and even if you want to explain yourself, they will not hear you. SO its better to just let go and bless them and always wish them well.

You can also combine this with the Forgiveness technique in my previous blog. It will do wonders.

Thank you for reading this.


Shreya Gupta

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