Angel Numbers (1-10)

Angel Numbers (1-10)

0 - God is close by. You are never alone. 

1 - The universe is calling for your attention.

2 - There are opportunities for connection & union at this time. 

3 - You are on the road to growth and expansion. 

4 - Trust in all that you feel and let your joy lead.

5 - Abundance is a state of mind. When you feel rich spiritually, you will attract abundance. 

6 - Take time to eliminate all thats blocking your joy. Follow what makes your heart dance. 

7 - The energy of magic is surrounding you.

8 - A cycle or pattern is being repeated now so that you understand the lesson. 

9 - The energy of Divine is awakening within you. Let your soul do the leading. 

10 - You are uniting your energy with that of God. Trust the signs you're seeing. 

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