Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers

111 - You are one with all that is. Know that all you are doing and giving is for the world and all the beings in it. 

222 - You have the ability to lift up the hearts of all those around you like an angel on Earth. You are born to shine. 

333 - You are powerfully aligned with ascended masters at this time. You are at a crucial point on your journey where you can go beyond all previous setbacks. 

444 - You are surrounded by 1,00,000 angels. Miracles are happening before your eyes. 

555 - All your efforts are paying off. Abundance is yours to have, live and experience. Open up yourself to receive blessings that are being offered to you now. 

666 - Pause. Don't make any sudden decisions. Your ego has taken control and is leading the way to heartache and fear. Call in the light of Angels. 

777 - Your magic and manifestation abilities are increasing at this time. Tap into your inner super powers and release your magic into the world. 

888 - Your life purpose and your wishes are in alignment. You are doing the right thing and are on the pathway of light. 

999 - The Divine is supporting you as you move back to a sense of wholeness. Welcome home to your heart. 

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