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Self Love

Self Love

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Self-Love is all about caring for, respecting, and accepting yourself wholeheartedly. With this spread, you'll discover ways to cultivate a deeper love for yourself.

This spread will answer - 

1. What do I criticise about myself the most?

2. How can I show up more for myself in my life?

3. What are 3 things I love about myself?

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Once I book a session, how will I get in touch?

Once you book the session, I will WhatsApp you within 4-5 hours. If you have booked a session and choose a date & time for the session, you would have been provided with all details on your email.

How should international clients pay?

In the case that you are not based in India, you can opt for payments by clicking on wallets and selecting PayPal. This straightforward approach will allow you to effortlessly complete your transaction.

Where are the In Person sessions located?

Boat Club Road, RA Puram, Chennai