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Pranic Facial

Pranic Facial

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What is Pranic Facial?

The face is the mirror of your inner emotions. As we grow with time and experience stress and anxiety in our everyday life, our skin cells tend to get affected which makes fine lines and wrinkles appear on the outer shell of our skin. The appearance of shallow creases of our face makes the skin look dull due to resistance to the smooth flow of energy. Health puts a huge impact on the skin appearance of a person. The body of an unhealthy person gradually starts looking quite dull and pale as our outer body is a mere reflection of our inner body. Therefore due to the rapid growth of distress in mind, our signs of internal emotional imbalance start becoming visible on our skin. 

Is it permanent?

Nothing in life is permanent. All you got to stay is consistent. One session won't be enough, you would need to take a few sessions to see good results. 

What will happen in the session?

We will work on the areas that you would to like. The first two priorities will be worked on. You will have to be in a relaxed posture, and a meditation will be played. While you are meditating the healing will be done. 

When will the session happen?

Time and Date for the session will be mutually decided. 


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  • After Booking, how do I get in touch with you?

    Once you book the session, we will get in touch with you via WhatsApp with 3 hours post booking the session.

  • How should International Clients pay?

    If you live outside India, you can go payments, clickt wallets and click PayPal! That's how you would be able to make the payment.

  • I am confused on what to book?

    Contact us -

  • I would like to book a combination of sessions!

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