Pranic Cellular Healing

Pranic Cellular Healing

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Healer - Shreya Gupta Arya

Pranic Cellular Healing sessions work on the deepest memories stored in the cells of the body. It can help to remove negative thoughts, emotions, programming and self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent you from having a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

Whatever we feel, see, think and perceive starts establishing its deep roots in our cells because cells have memory. Often we heal the effect but what caused it remains untreated. The causes are always deeply emotional in nature. We are all surrounded by stress throughout our lives and it is all being stored at the cellular level.

The healing will help you remove the memory of traumas you have gone through and the patterns that are created by that emotional imbalance, and be able to remove diseased energy at the cellular level.

Note -

  • Pranic healing is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it. If the symptoms persist or the ailment is sever, please immediately consult a Medical doctor or a Certified Pranic Healer.
  • Pranic Healers are not Medical Doctors, but Medical Doctors can be Pranic Healers.
  • Pranic Healers should not make Medical Diagnosis.
  • Pranic Healers should not prescribe Medications and / or Medical Treatments.
  • Pranic Healers should not interfere with the prescribed Medications and / or with Medical Treatments.
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