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Pranic Body Sculpting Intensive

Pranic Body Sculpting Intensive

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Looking for a non-surgical way to address those wrinkles and lines? Tighten skin on your face? Re-shape what used to be shapely before gravity had its way? Men and women from all over the world are turning from risky surgical procedures to a safe, reliable non-surgical approach using the principles of energy healing to re-gain that youthful appearance.

Pranic Body Sculpting &Weight Loss

  • Disintegrate all psycho-emotional conditions that contribute to excess body weight.
  • Contouring the waist-line for a sexier look.
  • Pranic bust lift, pranic butt lift,pranic chin tuck, pranic tummy tuck, pranic cellulite removal without painful surgeries.
  • No side-efects.
  • No downtime.

Date and time for the sessions will be decided mutually. The sessions will be for 60 Minutes. 

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