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Pranic Body Sculpting

Pranic Body Sculpting

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Discover the power of Pranic Body Sculpting! Color Pranas have the capacity to disintegrate and erase fat, wrinkles and lines to shape a healthier and more appealing physique. Unpleasant feelings like anger, fear and grief saturate lines and wrinkles of the face, but once they are released, a younger, brighter and revitalized look is revealed. Pranic Body Sculpting aids: slimming down, losing surplus weight, controlling hunger and cravings for food and sugar, eradicating negative emotions causing weight gain, and strengthening willpower.

Please Note -

Patients suffering from breast tumors, cancer, cysts, PCOD, PCOS, and fibroids are unable to undergo healing until they receive proper medical treatment. That's why Pranic Body Sculpting prioritizes both medical and Pranic healing treatments for optimal recovery.

Date & Time for the session will be mutually decided. The session can be either done in person or virtually. 

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Once I book a session, how will I get in touch?

Once you book the session, I will WhatsApp you within 4-5 hours. If you have booked a session and choose a date & time for the session, you would have been provided with all details on your email.

How should international clients pay?

In the case that you are not based in India, you can opt for payments by clicking on wallets and selecting PayPal. This straightforward approach will allow you to effortlessly complete your transaction.

Where are the In Person sessions located?

Boat Club Road, RA Puram, Chennai