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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing

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Ancestral Healing is a powerful practice to break the cycle of negative patterns, trauma, conflict, and unhealthy communication styles that can pass down from one generation to the next. By understanding the root causes of these patterns, we can strive to create a healthier and more positive environment for our families and our children's future generations. Generational Healing, also known as Ancestral Healing, works to heal up to six generations of our ancestors and is not a one-time process. It is an ongoing journey that requires commitment and dedication from everyone involved, all so that we can set our family on a path to health and wholeness. With the right support and guidance, Generational Healing can make a lasting impact that is felt generation after generation.

Date & Time will be mutually decided. The session can be done either in person or virtually. 

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Once I book a session, how will I get in touch?

Once you book the session, I will WhatsApp you within 4-5 hours. If you have booked a session and choose a date & time for the session, you would have been provided with all details on your email.

How should international clients pay?

In the case that you are not based in India, you can opt for payments by clicking on wallets and selecting PayPal. This straightforward approach will allow you to effortlessly complete your transaction.

Where are the In Person sessions located?

Boat Club Road, RA Puram, Chennai