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Access Bars (In person)

Access Bars (In person)

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Access Bars Therapy is a hands on energy healing process. It uses energy centres or bars which are located on the head, and unlocks them using gentle touch. There are 32 different energy centres on the head and once unlocked and released they flow down into the body.

We all experience a certain amount of worry and fear in our daily lives. However, when these feelings begin to take over most of our day, over an extended period of time, it can turn into anxiety.

Every anxiety or panic attack you experience triggers your body to go into fight or flight mode, which in turn releases stress hormones into your bloodstream. This natural reaction to fear could be followed by reactions such as dizziness, restlessness, palpitations, dry mouth, incessant sweating, and shortness of breath, to name a few.

This can be done in person only as its a touch therapy! 

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