Angel Card Reading Workshop 

In this workshop you will be guided on how to use the Angel Oracle Cards! They are very similar to Tarot. By connecting with your Guardian Angels you will be able to ask for guidance for yourself and your loved ones, and clients. 

This will help you make better life decisions, in your Career or Relationships, discover your Life's Purpose, understand your Romantic Relationships, Heal from emotional pain, make Life decisions and understand why certain situations happen the way they do.

What will be covered in the workshop?

1. Meditation 

2. How to connect with Angels! 

3. How to give a reading! 

4. How to connect with crystals! 

5. Learn Grounding & Shielding!

6. How to cleanse the energy around you and your energy! 

7. How to heal yourself!

8. How to listen to your intuition! 

9. Cord Cutting

10. How to read for clients

 Investment - Rs. 10,000


What is Included?

1. The manual, Meditation and Certificate of Completion! 

2. An interactive one on one session! 

3. 3-4 Hours workshop! 

If you live in India I will send across the entire kit for you! 


Tarot Card Reading Workshop! 

It will be a 1:1 session!

You will learn - 

  1. How to read Tarot Cards 
  2. Cleanse them 
  3. Read for yourself and clients 
  4. How to meditate 
  5. How to cleanse your cards and space before a reading 
  6. How to shield yourself 
  7. Major & minor arcana in tarot cards 
  8. How to read for yourself 
  9. About the crystal and how to use the crystal
  10. Tarot Spreads
  11. How to start your career professionally 
  12. How to read from different Tarot Decks 
  13. How to give clients and family members and friends a reading 
  14. How to start being more spiritual and a lot more! 

Investment - Rs. 20,000

What will be included?

1. 5 day workshop (It can be extended depending on how the flow is) 

2. Meditation and Certificate of Completion!

If you live in India I will send across the entire kit for you! 

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